Located in the Asagiri Kogen Asagiri Food Park, it offers a variety of local ingredients for local production for local consumption. It can also be used for various gatherings such as wedding parties and New Year's parties.
You can spend a wonderful time while looking at Mt. Fuji, a World Heritage Site.



Don't be spoiled by the scenery of Mt. Fuji

Farmers' commitment starting with land development

Starting with the selection of ingredients, the commitment of the chef

Sincere care and commitment to service

We value the three particularities.


We would like many customers to taste local fresh vegetables under the banner of local production for local consumption.
With this feeling, we will provide the enjoyment of food with a menu structure that is not bound by genre, such as Japanese, Western, and Chinese, with seasonal tastes of the four seasons.
Please spend an elegant time with the majestic Mt. Fuji spreading all over the glass in the background.


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TEL: 0544-29-5501
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